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Oh good Lord. I have been gone for quite some time!!!

My apologies, work has sucked my presence off this little DJ project I have. I post occasionally, as time permits me. I wish I had more jolly good time to actually do this music-a-day project.

For the moment, while I still figure my schedule out, please grace me with leniency. I promise to post really good music when I find the time to post. Like with this one!

I’m uploading a song by Bim.

"The Magic of Us."

Obviously a love song, but I’m not dwelling on that. I’m dwelling on the feel, the vibe I get. I like the craftsmanship, the creativity of this London-based Electropop (trip-hop like) duo. If I could create another album again, I would like to collaborate and make music like this, and write poetry in lyrics like they do. ♥

Enough said. Just listen.

Thank God for music! :)

- M.

Happy New Year!!!

I’m lovin’ this song: Rocketeer by Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

If I may be a bit cliche, repeating the rhymes in the lyrics, this song makes me want to “fly……………..♪”

A fresh kind of musical evolution is embodied in this song: reminds me of road trips or hang-out moments by the beach… or Cebu. The laidback-ness and upbeat-ness combined: if you thought that was impossible, well you’re wrong—thanks to this song, now you know that it’s possible! :)

Do I make sense? Hope I did. But in case I don’t… just hit play and listen… and THANK GOD FOR MUSIC!


- M.

Crush - Rachelle Berry (Glee Cast) cover

I hated this song when I first heard it back in ‘98 (Jennifer Paige), but then it grew on me eventually during that year. To this day, I can’t stop singing it every time I hear it. :))

Anyway, enjoy!

Thank God for music!

- M.

Say (All I Need) - One Republic

I’ve been absent these past few days, (so sorry about that…really hectic days this holiday season). To make up for it, I’m posting this really nice song by One Republic. Surely it’s not a Christmas song, but how lovely would it be if someone sang this to you on Christmas day? (Well anyday would do, but it has a more heightened/potent effect during the Christmas season. This is the romantic in me speaking, choose to ignore it, but I make sense, don’t I?)

Thank God for Music! Merry Christmas!

- M.

Merry Christmas! ♥

Been out because all the holiday celebration and preparation. But I wish you all a very blessed Christmas.

Hazy by Rosi Golan ft. Will Fitzsimmons

This is such a ♥ song!

I’m not in love right now, but I love this song.

And I hope you guys ♥ it too. Because it’s the sweetest. The melody is light and delicate too—an excellent alternative to a traditional lullabye song in order to induce sleep. Not to mention that this song makes you dream too! :)

I’m sleepy, and I’ll be sleeping soon so I leave you with this lovely, sweet, soft song. Hope it helps you sleep tight! :)

Thank God for music.

"Cause without you things go hazy…"

Looking at the stuff I’ve been posting previously… why, it’s a manic depressive list of songs! So let’s change the tempo a bit, and make this list bipolar. Hahaha! Kidding. ;P

Seriously though, when he broke my heart, I couldn’t bare to listen to my normal,  playlist—I’m partial to songs with a hopeless romantic vibe or with depressive-tendencies see—because I’d end up hurting that I’d bawl. (I think I mentioned this before) 

The hopeless romantic list of songs I had, made me feel like a miserable loon, and running on the pun, totally hopeless only without the romantic factor. Think near suicidal. I wanted to jump off buildings because there I was curtailed, bereft, deprived of true, honest and good love despite my good intentions and good self forward, and there goes all my songs emphasizing that good things happen to good people, and the opposite just happened to me—a good person. What gives right?

Then there’s the song collection with sad tendencies that amplifies feelings of despair. It’s a total shotgun to the brain and heart.

So I had to put the stuff I’d normally listen to, on pause, and listen to more pop-py, angst-filled, girl empowering, childhood comfort songs. I wanted to update my music list, so I went about looking for new stuff, lo and behold I found SNSD with Run Devil Run, and went about the whole Korean-English song translation search, and it struck a chord. IT WAS MY SONG! But because it was in Korean, I couldn’t really sing along. So I then searched Run Devil Run on YouTube, I found Ke$ha with her rendition of Run Devil Run. ♥ It was immediate.audiolove.

Tell you what, all you fellow girls with bleeding, inflicted hearts: this is the song I sang myself to sleep with, to cope with my distress. It hit the bull’s eye for me. I’m not saying that this is the panacea, but I thoroughly found it cathartic that the song described the whole situation I was in and found a way to put it lightly, enough for me to grasp and eventually “have fun with it.” Run Devil Run has this vibe that made me feel stronger cause it sets a tone of vengeance musical-wise, and it puts things in place or perspective at least for a few minutes. It allowed me to be a goddess-bitch, all powerful and wicked in my head, and that was liberating! (Of course everything about revenge was in my head, k? I could never really inflict physical harm)

Sure, this song didn’t entirely heal me, but it allowed me to shake a lot of flack and flake off. Not to mention, it allowed me to dance, when I just didn’t want to move a single muscle in my body because of the immense and intense sorrow, hurt and anger I was enveloped with.

So enjoy tonight with Run Devil Run by Ke$ha, allow yourselves to be fully human to feel pain, and release it—it’s powerful and liberating when you dispose of it properly.

Thank God for music.

- M.

Say A Lot by Buddy

Morning, it’s a beautiful Sunday. What a busy, unpredictable week it has been. Aside from getting sick and getting back up to work, there have been so many social gatherings lately—‘tis the season after all.

Posting a song that’s been a constant on my playlist lately. I don’t know much about the band… except for what is written in Wikipedia, but I can’t get enough of this song of theirs. Heard it from the Indie film Wake, and while I have a hundred different interpretations about the song’s meaning in my head (all in a frantic debate), one thing’s for sure: It’s Gentle Music.

And I ♥ Gentle Music.

—doesn’t it please your ears? I know it pleases mine tremendously! Say A Lot is one of those few songs that really just get away with ambiguity because it’s made to simply make you feel and not think. :)

So I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy!
Thank God for Music!

- M.

I’ve been out of radar lately. See, I got this crazy virus that knocked me down for 2.5 days, maybe even 3 or more… I just played “tough man” and shrugged it off at first, but it got the better of me eventually. Ergo, absence in posting.

So, today, as a “comeback” I post one of the most endearing songs I’ve ever listened to in such a long time. Honestly, I’m such a scrooge with love songs. It doesn’t help that most songs out there are either too sappy for my taste, too poetically challenged (not that I’m an exquisite poet or anything, but I like intelligent lyrics), or just too defeated. I mean, I appreciate honesty, but defeated honesty batters the morale you know?

But here comes Paramore with The Only Exception, and *boom* it leaves a very big smile on my face, and to think I’m not even “in-love” at this point in time. If I must be honest, I am nursing a broken heart, but hearing this song, listening to this song, makes me forget my brokenheartedness, and makes me believe in the possibility of downright honest, good, pure, true love.

It’s a solemn hymn of love, a very honest one—like I can imagine this being sung in a large, dark auditorium with a spotlight on the singer, and the energy is just intense with the beautiful, clean, melodic guitar riffs.

The message of the song is hopeful and that’s what’s different. I think, it’s time we sing more about this side of love. We must remember the truth that love brings, which is hope.

Thank God for music!

- M